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For Sale

"Ujung Philipang" now 3rd generation Hybrid project babies $350ea(rare Indo X Philippine lineage)


Hybrid Grandfather(not for sale)of the babies Azrael, look at that crazy nose crest!!! His neck spikes were eaten off by an attack female a few years ago, but have proven that spikes can regenerate as well as their tails, as they are slowly growing back, and were completely missing down to the nub!



This special project took over 9yrs in the making! The reasoning behind my hybridization was to secure future bloodlines from this rare Indonesian species, of which I had only one female in which I could not find a mate. This Indonesian type is a very large, heavy bodied sailfin(and the naturally the tamest of all the types), more like a Cyclura species (rock iguana) in build, and coincidentally also live amongst large boulders. These rare beauties are found living along the river banks of their native Ujung Pandang Sulawesi, which is located in the southwestern fork of the island.

For those strongly opposed to hybrids(although it does happen naturally with many species of flora and fauna in the wild) it was very important for me to have her genetics live on, since I was not able to procure any more of her kind. She is now around 15yrs old and there was no hope of acquiring the male counterpart of the same species after 15yrs of failed attempts. My best bet was to match her up with the closest type sailfin dragon I could, so I bred her to my large male "Johnan," a Philippine Hydrosaurus pustulatus I had produced 4yrs earlier. Both great grandparents have now passed, so their genetics live on!!!

Not only was I able to prove that some Hydrosaurus could hybridize with receiving several clutches, but I also proved that the offspring were fertile as well, with healthy babies hatching out last year, September 2nd 2011 mules here!!! The size is there, 42" males from the first hybrid clutch, born 6/6/06! One of these original males, "Azrael" has the largest nose crest I've ever seen on a Hyd.rosaurus sp., large spikes and neck crests and a long tall tail sail as well, a true modern dinosaur. The Philippine traits are lessened with the hybrids and 2nd generation; the areas that would be high blue or purple on males, are a soft teal to sky blue under ideal lighting. But the patterning around the neck area and large scale clusters on the flanks are insanely cool, brought out by the rare and beautiful Indo great grandmother "Arethra"!!! Now at 3rd generation the babies look just like pure Ujung Pandang Hydrosaurus!


My hold back male WARLOW picture taken at 1yr of age, and he is a whopping 30", these guys are gonna get big!!!

Holdback female SOOKIE around 8 months old, notice her very cool enlarged scales inherited from the Ujung Pandang species.

Holding the WARLOW at around 10 months of age, beautiful patterns!

Another Azrael head/neck shot


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