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C.B. Baby New Guinea Tree Dragon

Hatched May 25 2016

$350 plus overnight shipping

I've been working with H. magnus for 8 years now, and have produced 5 since the time of writing, my oldest male that I produced is over 2yrs old now and 34" in total length.

Hypsilurus magnus one of the largest/longest of the Hypsilurus genus with a tail that goes on and on and on! A beautiful subtley colored dragon reaching at least 39" total length and a snouth to vent around 10". These dragons can get quite bulky as well, and adult males will get the enlarged jowels indicative of most male Agamid lizards.

Their diet is quite omnivorous, mostly live protein is taken as well as sweet fruits such as ripe banana, mango, strawberries, peaches, papaya etc...

A large spacious enclosure set up exactly like that for adult Hydrosaurus will work great for housing a male and up to two females if they get along. Live plants such as Dracena sp. do well with these lizards and is important to provide greenery, more water dispersement, and privacy especially when there is more than one animal per enclosure. The important thing to remember is that they are a rainforest dweller and need several daily mistings either by hand or a misting system, with babies needing to be misted at least 4 times per day here in humid florida.

Temperatures are a bit cooler than Hydrosaurus, a range between 80F to 85F for daytime high with a basking light reaching the usual 110-115F works out great. Their mean body temperature throughout the day rides right around 90F so if you have the ambient around 85 they won't have to work too hard to keep themselves at 90F, nightime temps can drop down to 70F to 75F with no ill effects.