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We are now offering Bulk Superworms for sale available through

Hand delivered (will not ship) in Central Florida area minimum 10,000 lots, will meet halfway if a longer distance, please contact for details and wholesale pricing!!!

The Superworm (Zophobas morio) is an excellent food source for many animal species including lizards, birds, and smaller insectivorous mammals. These large larvae provide a well balanced proportion of proteins and fats. I have been raising these insects for 22 years and have been professionally selling them to the pet trade for the past 20 years. With their high activity they draw immediate attention and therefore are readily consumed.

Superworms have an advantage over regular mealworms due to their high digestibility and gut loading potential. All our superworms are raised here at the facility with the utmost care and fed premium quality foods. They do NOT contain hormones like the King Mealworms.

Do not refrigerate superworms as they will die, optimal temps are between 70-80F. Keep in an open plastic tub on an inch or two layer of oats, cereal flakes or wheat bran and feed small amounts of vegetation such as apple slices, potato, or carrots. Remove any old scraps and replenish to avoid mold which can kill your superworms.



Please email for questions pertaining only to ordering superworms.

Here are some Indonesian Sailfin Dragons having a chow fest on Superworms, click on the play button!






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