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For Sale

Indonesian Giant Sailfin Dragon Juveniles $250ea

Nothing available at this time, hopeful for 2014, please contact to be put on a waiting list

Click on thumbnail to enlarge, pics are of breeder adults and are not for sale

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Juveniles will be ready to ship for this large species of the Indonesian variety (mid to late summer), that I call H. amboinensis. Further scientific studies of this genus will hopefully reveal true species identification. This species can reach close to 4ft in length, who knows maybe even larger! Males will become a charcoal black with either a whitish to creamy yellow reticulation or spotting. Females tend to either be of a medium brown to a whitish beige speckling with yellow highlights. In general these lizards become rather bulky in build and have a great natured temperament as they mature. All documentation and lineage are available for those wishing to breed or have an interest in their backgrounds.

Juveniles $250 ea.

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